My name is Mato. This is my internet-site.

The idea and media on this site originate in 2007. This is the year when I began my work on this site.
At that time I began to compose music with the help of computers.

This kind of music production allowed me to play with any of the sounds I knew from my former musical work and with sounds which surround and influence my life.
The incentive to start this kind of work was to create a certain space.

This space emerges best between the two ear cups of a headphone.

Depending on the listener’s experiencial background and visual stimulants at the moment of acoustical perception an interpretation of the musical piece is generated.

Consequently an identification with the speakers and sounds of the musical piece may result.

Furthermore a motivation may arise - a motivation to go on listening and to make music.
The starting point of all taken photos on this site was Hong Kong.
This city gave me the possibility to depict an overwhelming example of a fully artificially generated light and greatness.

This site invites you to watch my photos while listening to my music.

Since 2008 the biggest part of my work can be found under the pseudonym matotam.
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01.05.2019: My 12 " vinyl album "The Movies 02" ist out now. ...more
02.12.2017: My 12" vinyl album "Artificial Music 01" is out now. ...more
04.07.2008: presentation ...more